Shield Facilities provide multiple options for a CCTV tower structure, enabling us to provide monitored electrical security systems on sites without internet or electricity.

To ensure that you can have monitored CCTV with police and security response on your site at all times, the ideal solution is to use our mobile telescopic CCTV tower.

CCTV tower cameras
CCTV tower camera system

We provide solar powered CCTV towers, and mains/generator powered CCTV towers. All of our towers come with standalone internet routers on 4G sim cards, which means that you don’t need to have an internet connection on-site for us to monitor the cameras and dispatch a response team if intruders target your site.

As CCTV installers, we don’t allow our tower manufacturers to install their systems like our competitors do, as they are insufficient compared to the cameras that we use. Also, we’re not limited in terms of available cameras other than high power usage systems in our solar-powered towers, as we can build a CCTV system into our towers that will best match your specific requirements. Although for the solar powered CCTV towers, we’re limited on the power usage of a CCTV system to ensure the batteries and solar panels are not under too much strain, so we can efficiently run each CCTV tower structure without losing power.

If you require a solar powered CCTV tower structure, contact our friendly team today!

Solar powered CCTV towers

The CCTV cameras that we install into our solar powered CCTV towers are more rigid, much more efficient, with more technology, more extended range, and a clearer vision than most solar towers to give you the best quality at a much lower cost.

Each solar powered CCTV tower comes with Dahua PTZ cameras, which contain smart motion, video, trip line intrusion detection, and high-end artificial intelligence. This means that each site CCTV tower can tell the difference between people, vehicles, and any other objects to reduce false alarms by up to 75%, and they will not trigger a response if the moving object is not a person or vehicle.

Our tower PTZ cameras (both solar and mains powered) will automatically zoom in and follow any person or vehicle which enters the detection zone, and they will automatically send activations and video footage to you, to our team, and to our monitoring station to deploy either our security response team, or the police, or both.
Our solar tower PTZ cameras have the following range abilities that are greater than most mobile CCTV towers available:

  • Clear identification of intruders – 165 meters
  • Recognition of intruders – 331 meters
  • Ability to observe intruders (but without recognising faces) – up to 650 meters

We can also add additional bullet cameras to any CCTV tower to just observe a specific area, such as a site entrance, to keep track of all the people and vehicles entering and exiting your site, or overlooking a high priority area such as a machine plant storage or a diesel storage area without affecting the PTZs entire site vision and intruder detection.

Mains/Generator electric CCTV towers

In addition to our solar powered CCTV towers, if you have mains or a 240v power generator on site, we have no restrictions on the type of cameras we can install to suit your exact requirements. However, some cameras may incur higher costs due to the higher fee of the devices.

This can be discussed before the deployment stage to develop a CCTV tower to suit even the highest demands to meet your requirements. If you need a higher-end CCTV tower system, we will price this specifically for you, but we’ll still offer you a very fair and competitive price.

On our wired CCTV towers, we can install PTZ cameras with clear identification of intruders up to 450 meters and recognise intruders up to nearly 900 meters.

As with any of our solar powered CCTV towers, we can also add additional cameras to observe specific areas for extra security.

Thermal imaging cameras

In addition to the cameras above, we can also install incredible long-range thermal imaging cameras, but only on our 240v powered CCTV towers. However, these unique cameras can see and detect heat signatures with the same ranges as our regular CCTV cameras (thermal cameras can have much greater ranges).

Thermal imaging cameras can also identify intruders much more quickly from far greater distances, as the heat signatures given off from people or vehicles stand out significantly, making them very easy to spot, even if they are too far away. Our imaging cameras can fully zoom on the intruder, which will allow our monitoring station to visually confirm intruders from up to and beyond a mile away, depending on the specific camera installed at your site.

Despite their higher cost, thermal imaging cameras can slightly impact the charge rates, however, they are worth every penny and much more.

PTZ camera and TioC Camera

If you require a mobile CCTV tower, contact our friendly team today, and we will arrange a time to visit your site and speak with you about your requirements.

Don’t worry about your business and assets. Keep them safe with us!

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