Our medical teams are fully trained to meet your requirements. Whether that be a first aider or paramedic, we can help.


Our medics are regularly tasked with front line ambulance work, patient transport, film sets and event medical cover.

Our management team, who hold a range of medical qualifications, will assess your requirements and ensure the correct level of cover for your event.

Medical event services

Contact our team for more information on our medical services.

Emergency event medical services

Event medical staff

Our staff are fully uniformed, working with marked medical vehicles that are fully visible to the staff and patrons at your event. Before your event, we are happy to assist you in your planning.

We can provide a range of ambulances for your event, depending on your specific requirements from an all-terrain vehicle, a small RRV (rapid response vehicle) ambulance, a 4×4 RRV or a full-size ambulance.

We provide a full risk analysis for your event and advise on the level of medical cover required. We will then discuss this with you and provide a customised and cost-effective plan of medical cover which is best for your individual event and guaranteed to meet the current regulations.

​We do not overcharge and will happily provide you with a quote for any event which we will discuss with you.

​At your event, we offer a reliable and comprehensive medical cover and first aid service with experienced and uniformed medical operatives.

Trained medical team

We are able to meet the needs of any event across the UK, from a small village fete requiring a couple of first aiders, through to an equestrian event requiring an off-road stretcher carrying 4×4 response vehicle, or a large game and county fair, festival or sporting event, requiring ambulances and a full event medical team. We also offer nightclub medical cover.

At the end of each task, we debrief with the staff and clients to discuss any incidents, our performance and any learning outcomes or practices that could improve our services in the future. If any learning outcomes are identified, we will endeavour to implement them ahead of our next deployment.

We are also often available to provide urgent event medical cover if you are let down at the last minute.

All staff deployed by Shield Facilities and Medical Group UK are screened and vetted to BS 7858 security screening and vetting, including our medical and cleaning teams to give you the peace of mind that we are providing properly vetted staff.

Emergency medical vehicles

Shield Facilities and Medical Group UK keep your assets safe wherever they are. find out what service we offer in your area.

Don’t worry about your business and assets. Keep them safe with us.

Contact our team for more information on our medical services.

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