Shield Facilities supply and install IP motion sensor CCTV systems at commercial properties and construction/demolition sites across a vast range of industries.


We supply state of the art Dahua TiOC motion-activated camera systems. Our IP CCTV security systems come with a free app that you can download onto your smartphone or tablet to view your cameras live, wherever and whenever you want.

Active deterrent camera

If you require an IP CCTV system, contact our friendly team today!

Dahua Bullet TiOC Camera and Dahua Eyeball TiOC Camera

Dahua TiOC CCTV systems

Our Dahua TiOC CCTV systems are a perfect solution not only for capturing video evidence and triggering security and police response. Most intruders leave the site immediately after activating the camera due to the flashing lights and warning message or siren that starts once the intruder enters the fully customisable detection range or digital tripwire. This means that the intruders will know immediately that we are now sending security services to the site.

Advanced CCTV AI technology to reduce false alarms

The TiOC CCTV cameras have customisable detection zones and tripwires to reduce false alarms, and they also come with built-in artificial intelligence, which evaluates moving objects before sending a notice to ensure that it is a person or vehicle that is on the move. Due to this dynamic CCTV AI technology, the system will still activate the lights and warning but will not prompt a callout if the moving object is not a person or a vehicle, which reduces false callouts by 75%, as well as reducing the potential charges for being called out to an animal crossing your site.

Monitored or unmonitored?

We can install the CCTV system as a standalone system without external monitoring and response, with the ability for you to view recordings and activations via the onsite NVR or the free smartphone app.

Alternatively, we can also connect the system to our monitoring station to monitor the cameras outside of our working hours. If the monitoring station sees an intruder, they will call your dedicated key holders and the police to advise the incident. You could also opt to have a security response to receive the activation and dispatch security guards or dog handlers to your site, dependent on your location.

Although the alerts only activate and send out when an intruder triggers the motion detection zone or tripwire, the cameras still record 24/7 and can be played back with ease.

How do we proceed?

If you require an IP CCTV system, contact our friendly team today, and we will arrange a time to visit your site and to speak with you about your unique requirements. We will then complete a site evaluation to fully understand your requirements and how-to tailor your CCTV system to your needs. We will then provide you with a written quotation for the supply and installation of the motion-activated camera system.

Once you accept the quotation and authorise us to proceed, we will arrange to revisit your site to begin the installation. Once we have fully installed the CCTV system, we will carry out tests to ensure the system operates correctly. Once we are sure that the system is working correctly, we will show you how to use and navigate your CCTV system via the NVR, monitor, set up your smartphone app, and navigate it when you are away from your site.

Duhua CCTV camera set

If you require an IP CCTV system, contact our friendly team today, and we will arrange a time to visit your site and speak with you about your requirements.

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