Our Staff

Our Fully Qualified Team

We carefully ensure that our guards, dog handlers, cleaners and medics are trained and licensed where applicable, authorised to work in the UK, and fully vetted to BS 7858 security screening and vetting.

Security Staff

Our staff come from all kinds of security companies both large and small, looking for a better salary, better standards or more hours. The first thing we find is that their knowledge of industrial/commercial guarding is usually limited to driving all night, responding to alarms, and casual checks of client’s premises. We retrain our staff on the ground, not in a classroom with a pen and paper!

Our security personnel are taught correct patrol techniques and signs to look out for in any attempted property interference or breaches. In addition, each guard is taught how to defuse verbal confrontations and how to complete suspect vehicle log entries, daily occurrence logs and occurrence reports. Our security staff are assessed regularly for performance patrol quality and tracker conformance random on-site management visits.

Our Dog handlers and dogs are all trained and certified as level 2 security dog handlers in accordance with BS8517 to ensure that they are suitable and competent to work in the security dog industry, followed by regular continuance training and assessments.

Medical Staff

Our medical operatives are certified to a minimum of FREC3 (First Response Emergency Care Level 3) and experienced in a variety of medical roles and responsibilities, either working on private medical tasks such as film sets, sporting events and music events, or front-line emergency response with both low and high dependency patient transport services. Our medics also come fully equipped for any task that we take on, and if you wish, we can also provide fully marked up ambulances, whether it be an RRV (small Rapid Response Vehicle ambulance) or a full-size high dependency ambulance.


Our cleaners are highly experienced in a variety of cleaning tasks from, but not limited to small offices to large office buildings, car showrooms hotels, factories and medical facilities, and they can be deployed for either basic cleaning tasks or as part of large facilities management tasks.

Every person working for and deployed by Shield Facilities, regardless of the job role, are fully vetted to BS7858 security screening and vetting, and the security personnel are licensed by the security industry authority.