Site intruder detection

Site Intruder Detection Systems

When it comes to construction site security, Shield Security and Canine Ltd provide a comprehensive range of solutions. Alongside our highly effective mobile site patrols, static guards and K9 units, we also provide intruder detection systems which can be installed as a cost-effective option.

A combination of wireless detectors, CCTV and alarm monitoring, our detection systems enable a rapid guard response to be deployed to your site in the event of a situation arising. Alongside the initial detection of suspect behaviour or unauthorised entry, we will respond at speed and provide a comprehensive report on the situation afterwards for your complete peace of mind.

Our team are proud to offer solutions that remove the hassle associated with sourcing a reliable and effective security provider. With our one call, flexible service, you can rest assured that the security solutions you implement will be tailored to suit your requirements. We’ll work closely with your site manager throughout the process to ensure results that you’ll hardly notice are there until the time comes to rely on them.

With Shield Security and Canine, you can make the most of a trusted, reliable and proven service at some of the most competitive prices on the market.

How the Process Works

On agreeing to install an intruder detection system at your construction site, the first stage of the process involves arranging a time for our engineers to visit your site and plan where the alarms, CCTV cameras and intruder detection units will be located.

After finalising the locations, we will then install to our very high standards before testing to ensure all equipment is in full working order before we leave. The installation and testing process should take no longer than one working day to minimise distribution at your site.

Following installation, each month one of our engineers will visit your site to review the effectiveness of the system. Should relocation of any of the equipment take place, a brand new site security plan will be issued to all response staff, those at our alarm monitoring station and your site manager to make sure everyone is aware of the changes.

When it comes to daily use, your intruder system will be programmed to automatically activate and deactivate in line with when people arrive and leave your site. Should you ever need to change the times if you’re working late or arriving early, a quick call to our office is all it needs.

CCTV is a highly effective security tool to implement on your site too as you can easily review footage for clarification purposes as well as being given as evidence in the event of a crime. We’ll supply your site manager with a flat screen display and remote, with full instructions, so they can easily review and retrieve footage as and when required.

We will also have remote access to the CCTV as well as the alarm units so we can monitor and control without having to send someone out to see you.

Should any of the alarms activate out of working hours, you can rest assured that it will be monitored by our team and a security guard dispatched immediately to conduct a full site audit.

After any incident, we will provide you with a detailed incident report along with follow up actions to your site manager. This will highlight exactly which alarm went off and what we discovered on the security patrol, plus any additional information.

Advantages of Our Systems

There are numerous advantages that come with our intruder detection systems, hence why they are proving so popular with our clients.

One hugely popular benefit is that, with Shield Security and Canine, the cost of any engineer visits are already included in the package price. As a result, you and your site manager can plan the repositioning of the alarms and detector equipment on a monthly basis without the worry of having to pay for it. We can help you keep your site safe and secure for one great price.

As with many things, cost is a factor that always has to be taken seriously. With our intruder detection systems, rental and installation costs are low, meaning the average site could be paying less than a quarter of the price you would with a manned guard.

The installation of all security equipment is charged at one all in composing low rate at the start of your contract with us. Decommissioning of the system at the end of your contract doesn’t cost you a penny either.

Quick Fire Advantages

That’s not all though as you’ll also enjoy:

  • Rental of the system to provide the maximum level of flexibility in line with the changing needs of your business
  • Cost effective security solution that doesn’t impact upon reliability or effectiveness
  • No cables are required due to the use of wireless detectors
  • All equipment is designed to be robust, long lasting and designed specifically to withstand the construction site environment.
  • No phone line is required due to GSM signalling
  • The option of battery operated units is available when mains access is restricted
  • Rapid response guards are deployed immediately on activation of the alarm system
  • Our team will be deployed to install your new system at speed

Features of Our Systems

External Detection

– Designed to work reliably in harsh environments, such as construction sites, our motion activated units offer high performance duel beam intruder detection in external areas. The units are also wirelessly linked to the main control unit.

Internal Detection

– We provide extensive wide area motion detection for use inside buildings around your construction site. Ideal for areas where tools and equipment is stored, we’ll install these units during the initial installation phase to offer comprehensive protection against the threat of theft.

Fire Detection

– We’ll also protect you, your workers and site from the risk of fire through the installation of smoke detectors, wireless sounders and emergency call points to detect fires and report directly through to our monitoring station. All fire detection units are highly visible and can be located wherever necessary around your site.

Security Cameras

– All security cameras around your site record footage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to being able to remotely view the footage, we’ll also set them up so your site manager can view throughout the day. As a result, he will be able to assess any security issues as well as checking on health and safety practices.

24 Hour Monitoring

– With Shield Security and Canine, you can be away from your construction site with the complete confidence that we are keeping a watchful eye over it. Our experienced and fully committed staff monitor your system 24 hours a day and immediately send a fast response guard to conduct a full site evaluation when an alarm is activated.

Guard Response

– Should your construction site be situated outside of our traditional patrolling areas, don’t worry. We utilise numerous trusted and approved suppliers who are local to your site and follow our high standards of conduct to ensure the fastest possible response times. We will provide them with all the details of your site well in advance and update them every time we make a change to your security system, guaranteeing an efficient, thorough site patrol should they ever need to make a visit.

With a wide range of benefits and advantages, our site intruder detection systems could be exactly what you’ve been looking for at your construction site. If you require any additional information or would like us to provide a free quote for your site, get in touch with our team today by calling 0330 124 6594 or via the contact page of our website.

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