Vacant Property Security Services

Vacant Property Security Inspections

Shield Facilities provide vacant property inspections to ensure that your property is secure and that it remains in a maintained, safe condition at all times. 

We will inspect the whole property, internally and externally, for breaches, unwanted guests, squatters, damage, vandalism, fly-tipping, weather damage, and utility leaks, along with the required meter readings. If there is still water running in the property, we will also run all the taps and flush the toilets to reduce the likelihood of a build-up of legionnaires bacteria in the water systems.

We can complete our inspections on your schedule.

Upon completion of every vacant property security service, a report will be sent to you along with any relevant notifications or actions that may be required to maintain the safety and security of your property.​

Secure Empty Property With Wired IP CCTV Systems

Does your vacant site have consistent power? If so, we can install wired IP CCTV systems on your site. Our IP CCTV systems not only have significantly higher picture quality than wireless, but they also have 4X longer and wider detection ranges than wireless CCTV.

Our Dahua TiOC active motion deterrent cameras are a perfect solution for vacant sites that have consistent power, as they have high resolution and full-colour night vision with customisable motion detection zones and trip lies, along with artificial intelligence that can determine if the camera was triggered by a person, vehicle, animal, or debris. This artificial intelligence can reduce false alarms by up to 75%, which can minimise callout charges. Besides, when the TiOC cameras are activated, they will prompt flashing lights and an audible warning to leave the site, which is highly effective at deterring intruders, as they will know that we will be en route to stop them.

Our IP CCTV systems could be monitored by our monitoring station with security response if you choose this option.

We also install high-definition Infrared detection cameras, as well as TiOC active deterrent cameras.

We provide an app for all IP systems, so you can also log in to look over your site any time you wish.

Wireless RSI Security and Fire Detection Systems

Shield Facilities provide and install wireless monitored RSI security systems, which are a perfect asset to vacant properties. Our systems do not require mains power to operate and are fully monitored 24/7 for activations from the system. They will then dispatch a security team and call the police if intruders breach or damage your property.

We can provide and install the following wireless RSI monitored systems:

Internal Intruder Alarms can be installed with – PIR motion detectors, PIR cameras, door contacts, keypad/fob access, Siren, and speakers (recorded message played on activation) keypad/fob access point.

Internal Fire Alarms can be installed with – Smoke detectors, heat detectors, Siren, and break glass fire points.

External RSI Motionviewer kits can be installed with – Motionviewer motion detector cameras, siren, speaker, and keypad access/fob point.

Flood Detection – We can install a flood detection device with two conductive prongs that detect fluid if they come into contact, alerting our team to send somebody out to inspect your property to prevent further flood damage in the event of a leak.

Vacant property security camera systems

Security Patrols and Response

In addition to the vacant property security inspections, we also provide out-of-hours security visits and response services.

Our security patrol officers will visit your site an agreed amount of times per day/night, and they will complete a foot patrol of the whole site to inspect for any unwanted guests, damage, breach, leaks or vandalism.

Our security officers will scan NFC tags (near-field contact tags) to verify their attendance at the site.

Any issues found during the patrols will be actioned and reported to you immediately. 

Suppose you have an alarm system, or monitoring CCTV installed at the property. In that case, our mobile response team can be dispatched to your site to investigate and stop or prevent any incidents that may occur.

Manned Guarding

We can offer around the clock security for your vacant property protection services in addition to our mobile patrol. We can deploy security guards who will remain on-site to keep up a visual, uniformed deterrent to ensure your site’s safety and security and prevent any chance of a legal claim being made by an intruder who may be injured on your property.

Security Dog Handler Service

As well as providing manned guarding services, we also offer security dog handler services, which is our most popular and demanded service.

Shield Facilities provide the highest standards of security dog teams who will remain on site.

Our dog handlers are highly trained and certified to operate as professional dog handlers. All our protection dogs and handlers deployed by SSCS are trained and certified with a minimum level 2 security dog/handler certification to maintain full compliance to BS 8517-1.

Our dog handler service is by far the most effective due to the incredible level of deterrence provided by the fully trained protection dogs, which will sense potential intruders and become protective before they even reach your property.

k9 security dog and dog handler

Call our team today on 0330 124 6594 to discuss our Vacant Property Management Services in greater detail, or simply complete our online enquiry form and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Shield Facilities can keep your assets safe at all times. 

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